The highest quality air purifier by Krupa Design is recommended for allergy sufferers and for people aware of the negative effects of inhaling PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles and other substances that smog contains.

Krupa Design products are carefully selected with the help of trusted artists. We care about the quality of components; we test functionality and proper operation over a long period of time. Our designers help us by making our products look beautiful. Soon we will show you many interesting and beautiful items that will serve you for a long time in your homes and offices.

Why Krupa Design?
I decided to use my name in the brand name to show that I take full responsibility for the products sold under it. Responsibility for the quality, durability and design of our products. I would like to utilize many years of experience in the search and distribution of electronic products and a trusted team to provide you with the highest quality items. Items that will not only be functional but also decorative at your home or office space.

Kind regards
Szymon Krupa